Cenergy Solutions and Catalina Composites Manufacturing Agreement


Cenergy Solutions and Catalina Composites Enter into an Exclusive Agreement to Manufacture Adsorbent Natural Gas Cylinders

Cenergy Solutions, a leader in adsorbent natural gas technology and Catalina Cylinders, a leading producer of high and low pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders, together to further the advancement of ANG technology for natural gas vehicles.

Fremont, California, April 25, 2017 – Cenergy Solutions announced today they have entered into an exclusive agreement with Catalina Composites (division of Catalina Cylinders), to develop, design and manufacture Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) cylinders for natural gas vehicles. Catalina Composites has already manufactured and tested several sizes of these new low-pressure ANG cylinders making them FMVSS certified and DOT-compliant.

Cenergy Solutions installed one of these new ANG cylinders on a Nissan truck that was shown at the Altfuel Expo in Mexico City earlier this month. This ANG cylinder has a working pressure of 650 psi and can be filled at home or at a business with Cenergy Solutions’ new certified compressor that is approved for use in the US and Canada.

“Cenergy Solutions has made major breakthroughs with adsorbent natural/biogas storage that will not only help the world with its energy needs but will also help to capture and store natural and biogas throughout the world. This is the technology that will keep methane from escaping into our atmosphere and allow it to be put to good use in gasoline and diesel vehicles. The joint development agreement with Catalina Cylinders has been very fruitful allowing us to design, manufacture and test new high tech ANG tanks that are now ready for sale to approved NGV up fitters.” said Gary Fanger, COO/CTO, Cenergy Solutions.

About Cenergy Solutions

Cenergy Solutions has brought cutting-edge natural gas equipment and ANG storage to market for vehicles and other applications throughout the world. Cenergy currently sells DOT-compliant ANG and CNG cylinders, approved ANG low pressure compressors for home and businesses, NGV conversion equipment, large ANG storage and transportation tanks and EPA compliant natural gas conversion systems for gasoline vehicles. Cenergy Solutions helps make natural gas and bio-gas economically available for power plants, vehicles, well head storage and virtual pipelines to facilitate cleaner air, and improved economy and energy independence. Additional information is available at www.cenergysolutions.com.

About Catalina Composites

Catalina Composites manufactures aluminum Type 1 and composite Type 3 cylinders from its dedicated 107,000 sq. ft. facility in Garden Grove, CA. The combination of advanced manufacturing processes with leading edge equipment enables Catalina to produce cylinders up to 26 inches in diameter and 132 inches in length. Catalina Composites’ parent company, Catalina Cylinders, has been producing Type 1 aluminum cylinders for over 30 years and is a worldwide industry leader in its various markets. Catalina’s sister company, Aluminum Precision Products, Inc. (APP), has manufactured aerospace products for over 50 years and through the utilization of proprietary technologies, APP produces the starting material for Catalina Composites’ large diameter aluminum liners. Additional information is available at www.catalinacomposites.com.

Contact: Gary Fanger, COO/CTO, Cenergy Solutions, 510-474-7593 garyf@cenergysolutions.com