Composite Cylinders

About Catalina Composites

Catalina Composites manufacturers Type 3 Composite Cylinders used for storage of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

We know firsthand how the latest technology, combined with highly skilled specialists, delivers the greatest success. Accordingly, we are investing in better solutions that will cater to the demands of you, our customers, now and into the future.

To meet these demands, we have purchased new state-of-the-art equipment, tailor made for the manufacturing of large diameter, Type 3 Composite Cylinders, for the alternative fuel and gas transportation markets. Catalina Composites is a division of Catalina Cylinders, Inc., which was established in 1992.

Our Products:

Type 3 Composite Cylinders with seamless aluminum liners reinforced with composite wrap around the entire tank (“full wrapped”).
Our CNG Cylinders are put through exhaustive and extreme tests and are certified to: NGV2-2007/ FMVSS 304, ISO 11439, ISO 11119-2, or
ISO 11515

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