Technical Impacts
Technical Impacts

The Cliff Impact Division of Catalina Cylinders is a leading manufacturer of technical, custom-engineered aluminum impacts. Cliff Impact Division has been at the forefront in the design, engineering and production of aluminum impact extrusions for over 50 years. We have over 25 presses with capabilities to produce parts up to 9" in diameter and 35" in length. Meeting the challenges of customers to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost has led us to attain monumental success.

Advantages to aluminum impact extrusions include low tooling costs and production run quantities as low as 500 pieces. The near net shape impact extrusion process reduces raw material costs and secondary operations. Impacts are tough, high integrity parts offering design flexibility by combining the advantages of both forgings and extrusions.

The Impact Process
An impact is a product formed by striking a cold "slug" of aluminum, held in a die cavity, with a rapidly moving punch. The slug itself is a closely controlled volume of aluminum which is either cut from bar of a specific shape or punched from plate of exacting thickness.

Upon impact, the aluminum flows plastically through designed orifices between the punch and die to form the part. A finished impact is produced with each stroke of the press.

Impact Types
There are three basic forms of the impact process: reverse, forward and combination. By definition, each method specifies the direction of aluminum cold flow in relation to the pressure developed by the punch.

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