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Transporting Charged Cylinders in Passenger Vehicles

July 9, 2008

Catalina Cylinders is aware that many charged cylinders are transported in passenger vehicles and that in a few instances the pressure relief device (PRD) has activated suddenly releasing the charge of the cylinder in the passenger vehicle. Sudden release of the charge of a cylinder into a passenger vehicle can pose many hazards. Depending on the charge of a cylinder, the released contents, suddenly or through a leak, can be flammable, cause an oxygen enrich environment (a fire catalyst), be toxic or poisonous, be corrosive, and or cause asphyxiation. The loss of the charge of a cylinder will result in the loss of the use of the charge of the cylinder and can cause, property damage, accidents, loss of consciousness, personal injury and even death.

The transportation of any charged cylinder must be done in complete compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. Catalina Cylinders believes that all charged cylinders should be transported by professionals trained in the legal transport of charged cylinders.

Catalina Cylinders recommends any safe practice established and followed in the transport of charged cylinders in passenger vehicles should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. We strongly recommend the transportation of charged cylinders be done by cylinder transport professionals trained to do this task.

  2. Persons transporting charged cylinders in passenger vehicles must be knowledgeable of, and comply with, all federal, state and local regulations related to the safe transport of charged cylinders. Consult with your charged cylinder supplier regarding these regulations and their recommended safe practices.

  3. Follow all charged cylinder supplier instructions.

  4. Only transport the minimum number of charged cylinders necessary.

  5. Do not transport charged cylinders, not in use, in the passenger area of a passenger vehicle.

  6. The area of the vehicle used for transporting the charged cylinders should have adequate ventilation.

  7. Verify the charged cylinders are in good working order, within retest date, and not leaking. Consult with your charged cylinder supplier with any questions.

  8. Verify proper labels are affixed to the cylinders. Consult with your charged cylinder supplier with any questions.

  9. Secure the charged cylinders in the vehicle in a manner not to cause damage to the cylinders or their accessories during transport.

  10. Be sure to transport all necessary cylinder accessories and tools to aid in the function and service of the charged cylinder. Keep these accessories and tools clean and free of potential contamination.

  11. Do not smoke in vehicles transporting charged cylinders carrying an oxidizing charge, such as medical oxygen cylinders, oxygen enriched air SCUBA tanks, or nitrous oxide cylinders.

  12. Extreme heat can lead to activation of the PRD on the valve of charged cylinders. Great care must be taken never to expose charged cylinders to heat in excess of 1250F (520C).

  13. When the destination is reached, immediately remove the charged cylinders from the passenger vehicle.

  14. Do not leave charged cylinders in vehicles for any amount of time.

This list is in no way meant to be the only items to be included in a safe practice for transporting charged cylinders in vehicles. Use all possible sources of information in establishing safe practices for transporting charged cylinders in passenger vehicles. The safe practice for transporting empty cylinders, cylinders without a charge, should include the same items listed above. Establishing and following legal and safe transporting practices while transporting charged cylinders in passenger vehicles will maximize the potential safety of all trips.

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