Paint Removal from Aluminum Cylinders

Catalina Cylinders recommends that paint be removed from aluminum cylinders by the use of gel-type (non-caustic) paint strippers instead of sanding, abrasive blasting, or any methods of exposure to heat. Removal of paint from a cylinder by sanding or abrasive blasting can also remove metal thus reducing the wall thickness of the cylinder and reducing the integrity of the cylinder.

Catalina Cylinders has found that gel-type (non-caustic) strippers work well in removing old paint and do not remove metal from the cylinder when properly used. Gel-type (non-caustic) paint strippers are commonly found at your local hardware or paint stores.

Do not use caustic strippers to remove paint from aluminum cylinders. Make sure the gel-type paint stripper selected is compatible with aluminum.

Always replace the cylinder warning label after refinishing a cylinder. Replacement cylinder warning labels are available from Catalina Cylinders Customer Service Department upon request.

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