As-Manufactured Paint Warranty

Catalina Cylinders takes pride in the quality of finish of the painted cylinders it manufactures. The paint finish on Catalina Cylinders’ cylinders should last many years with proper care and maintenance.
Catalina Cylinders will warranty the paint on its cylinders as follows:

  1. Cylinders painted with “powder” paint have the following warranty:
  2. One year warranty against unusual corrosion from the original hydro test date
  3. Two year warranty against peeling paint from the original hydro test date.
  4. Cylinders painted with fluorescent (bright or neon) pink, yellow and green colors are under warranty against fade for 6 months. Cylinders exhibiting excessive wear are not under warranty against fading.
  5. Cylinders painted with clear paint are under warranty against natural darkening, not exposed to fire, for the life of the paint. Cylinders exhibiting excessive wear are not under warranty against natural darkening.
  6. As-received new cylinders are under warranty to be without chips and gouges to the paint (caused by the manufacturer).

Cylinders which have unacceptable paint finishes as described above are within the warranty time limits as noted above will be sanded and repainted at no cost to the customer.

Sorry, damage to the paint that occurs during shipping, or after, is not covered by warranty of Catalina Cylinders. 

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