To Whom It May Concern:

On August 31, 2021 at approximately 1:53pm PDT an aluminum dust collection unit caught fire at the Catalina Cylinders facility located at 12452 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA.

Two employees sustained minor injuries. The building and various equipment sustained moderate damage from the fire. The full extent of repairs, lost production time and the effect on order deliveries to customers will be determined in the coming days as the situation develops.

Repairs to the building and affected equipment have already commenced and the Catalina team is doing everything possible to quickly bring the facility back in working order. Measures are being taken to mitigate any risk of reoccurrence.

Catalina Cylinders would like to express its deepest gratitude and appreciation for its employees and the local Fire Department, whose courage and quick action helped to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The selfless acts of these individuals significantly reduced the amount of injury and damage that would have otherwise transpired.

The Management of
Catalina Cylinders, Inc.


Official Notice – Garden Grove Facility Fire – 8.31.2021