Catalina Cylinders – East

Impact Extrusions

Reverse, forward and combination, and these are named after the principal direction in which the aluminum flows under the pressure developed by the punch.

Benefits of Impacts

  • Lightweight
  • 0 Draft Parts
  • Wrought Gain
  • No Porosity
  • Near Net Reduces Scrap



On impact the metal flows in the same direction as the punch through an orifice in the bottom of the die. Used for forming long, solid or hollow parts and components with varying cross sections along the length.


In reverse impacting a closed bottom die is used. On impact the metal flows through metering points between the punch and die wall in the reverse direction of punch travel. Hollow, open-ended shells or cups in a variety of shapes and sizes are the result.


The combination impact is, as the name implies, a combination of forward and reverse metal flow. The metal flows both backward along the punch and forward through the die bottom making possible more complex parts with variations in diameter, wall thickness, shape and length.

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