Category: Carbon Dioxide

Catalina Cylinders recommends that anyone handling CO2 cylinders should be aware of the hazards associated with CO2 and be trained in safe practices of handling CO2 cylinders. All practices of handling CO2 cylinders ought to include or reference information from CGA pamphlets G-6;  Carbon Dioxide and G-6.3; Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling and Handling Procedures.

Catalina Cylinders has compiled  the following list of items that should be included in any safe handling practice of CO2 cylinders.

  1. Only trained personnel should handle CO2 cylinders. Trained personnel should be aware of the hazards associated with CO2. CO2 discharged from a cylinder is extremely cold and can cause injury if it comes into contact with personnel.
  2. CO2 cylinders should only be handled with care. Never drag or drop cylinders.
  3. Never attempt to handle a leaking CO2 cylinder.
  4. CO2 cylinder should never be handled in areas of extreme heat (125 oF or greater).
  5. The valve should always be  closed when handling a cylinder.
  6. If a cylinder is fitted with a valve cap,  always verify the cap is secure before handling.
  7. If a cylinder is fitted with  a carrying handle, always verify the carrying handle is secure and not broken  before handling. Never handle a cylinder by a broken carrying handle.
  8. Be aware that cylinders  that have been in service may have sharp edges from previous rough handling.  Visually inspect the cylinder for sharp edges prior to handling  the cylinder with your hands.
  9. When lifting a cylinder, use  proper lifting techniques.
  10. When handling a cylinder with  equipment, make sure the equipment does not scar or damage the cylinder or valve.
  11. When using a cart to handle cylinders, always secure the cylinder to the cart.
  12. After handling a cylinder, always  transport and/or store the cylinder in accordance with good safe transporting and/or storing practices.

Including the above items in all  practices for handling CO2 cylinders should enhance the safety of all  personnel, equipment and property.