Category: Carbon Dioxide

Catalina Cylinders recommends that anyone storing CO2 cylinders should be aware of the hazards associated with CO2 and be trained in safe practices of storing CO2 cylinders. All practices of storing CO2 cylinders ought to include or reference information from CGA pamphlets G-6; Carbon Dioxide and G-6.3;  Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling and Handling Procedures. Catalina Cylinders has compiled  the following list of items that should be included in any safe storage practice of CO2 cylinders.

    1. CO2 cylinders should always be stored in a specified area. The storage area should:
      • Be well ventilated. CO2 gas in small concentrations, as little as 15%, can cause unconsciousness in less than one minute.
      • Be selected away from the edge of  any elevated areas. Cylinders falling from elevated areas can cause damage to  the cylinder, valve or property or injury to personnel.
      • Be selected away from, or protected from,  areas of high traffic. Areas of high traffic only increase the chance of an accident occurring.
      • Be dry and free of a corrosive atmosphere.
      • Have adequate means to secure all  cylinders stored in the area. The means of securing should be sufficient to hold  the cylinders in place, yet not cause damage to the cylinders.
      • Be a continuously cool place. Do not store  cylinders adjacent to any source of heat, intermittent or continuous. Safety relief devices of CO2 cylinders are designed to operate when the  pressure of the cylinder exceeds 2800 – 3000 psi (depending on the design of  the safety relief device). A properly charged CO2 cylinder could vent through it’s safety  relief device at approximately 150 oF (65.6 oC). A slightly overfilled CO2 cylinder could vent through its safety relief device when exposed to  a much lower temperature. The CGA recommends that CO2 cylinders be stored in areas with a temperature less than 125 oF (51.7 oC).


  1. Never store a charged CO2 cylinder in a passenger vehicle or in the cab portion of any vehicle.
  2. Empty CO2 cylinders should be stored with the valve tightly closed.
  3. Cylinders can be stored standing on  their base or lying on their side. Catalina Cylinders recommends that the cylinders  be stored as designed, standing on their flat base.
  4. Cylinders should not be stored where they might become part of an electrical circuit.
  5. Cylinders, which have been manufactured  to accommodate a valve protective carrying handle or a protective cap,  should be stored with these accessories in place.

Including the above items in all practices for storing CO2 cylinders should enhance the safety of all personnel, equipment and property.