It has come to the attention of Sherwood Valve that various yoke style regulators in the market do not conform with the Compressed Gas Association V-1:2021 CGA 870 connection standard (referred to hereafter as “CGA V-1 870”) and may not properly connect to certain oxygen valves made by Sherwood and other manufacturers, whose valves do conform with the CGA V-1 870 standard, resulting in a potential leak at the valve-regulator connection. Sherwood has made CGA aware of the non-conformity of the various yoke style regulators, and CGA is expected to issue further guidance regarding the subject. In the meantime, as described below, Sherwood recommends that you please take action to confirm that regulator yokes used with Sherwood valves conform to the CGA V-1 870 standard and that you share this important information with your distributors, customers, and end users of oxygen cylinders.

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